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Puck Bunny JJ Simone

Puck Bunny

JJ Simone

Kindle Edition
40 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The snow fell all day, piling higher and higher, and I knew I was going to be snowed in with my hubby all weekend.I started to get excited thinking about all the ways we could stay warm ... so I slipped into something sexy to tempt and tease my husband. But, the blizzard had an even better idea.Stranded at our door was my husbands hockey idol, the strikingly handsome Ryan Rone. I thought I should change into something less revealing -- but my husband stopped me. I couldnt believe it. My desire, my tension, only ratcheted higher. I was trapped in our cozy house with these two men ogling every inch of me.What, exactly, does my husband have in mind? He cant possibly be thinking about sharing me with his hero ... can he? Could I even go through with that?***EXCERPT:Get a hold of yourself, Natalie, I thought to myself. The unspoken attraction and tension in that room – and realizing that I was at the center of it! – was making me all hot and bothered. My throat constricted. I fanned myself, trying to settle down.Of course I loved Dan. But Ryan was also a total hunk. And he was someone we knew of, but at the same time, a complete stranger. In our house. Sitting so close to me, I could feel his body heat. So close, I could pick up his scent. So close, I could reach out and touch him if I wanted.And the fact that Dan was totally content with letting Ryan sit there and ogle his wife – and he was also apparently fine with letting me sit there and leer at Ryan – was a serious turn-on. A turn-on I never knew, or ever would have guessed, would get me so hot.Come to think of it, even Dan looked turned on. Could he pick up on the tension? The silent flirting? Did he like it? Was he encouraging it? Did I actually have any idea what was going on, or was I imagining all of it? I couldnt even tell anymore!