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The Curse of Arkady (The Magickers, #2) Emily Drake

The Curse of Arkady (The Magickers, #2)

Emily Drake

Kindle Edition
328 pages
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 About the Book 

The Magickers series is definitely worth the read.The Curse of Arkady keeps up with the fast pace & the adventure of Book 1. The events and the plot are very smart and fast-paced. Reviewers of the book had compared it to the Harry Potter series which I think it sure has some resemblance. Emily Drake, however, was able to pen something significantly different and genius. Each chapter has an adventure of its own. I want the next installment so badly.Th Curse of Arkady ended really well and yet, a lot of substantial elements of the novel are not really explained well. If you are wondering what an Arkady is and what the curse is all about, you probably cant get a direct answer from the book. That was a little downside but the flow of events is just breathtaking.Its sad that the series is not given as much attention as other childrens series really. Well see where this series take off, though. I had a good time reading this until the wee hours of the morning.