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Flight for Justice Nino Lama

Flight for Justice

Nino Lama

Published January 22nd 2008
ISBN : 9781436355803
356 pages
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 About the Book 

Back to Binghamton is a one-of-a-kind legal thriller.Vince DiMarco, a middle-aged divorced criminal defense attorney, practices in partnership with his son, Mike. They turn to Vince’s father, eighty-two-year-old Santino—the family patriarch, a retired defense lawyer—for wisdom and advice.While Santino and Mike are living in peace, Vince is in turmoil, living at a lower standard than ever before because of his recent divorce. His long-lost first love, Renee, reappears after twenty-seven years, only to be involved in murder, arson, and drug conspiracy. It’s up to Vince, Mike, and Santino to save her, and just as importantly—as it turns out—to save their own lives as they unravel a multistate drug cartel.While the villain flies about the country in a gleaming white jet, Vince and Mike use their vintage Beechcraft to cover the thousands of miles to which the case takes them—not without near disaster. Vince’s love for Renee is rekindled during the defense, despite her involvement with the antagonist Carl, head of the cartel. Conflicts arise throughout the novel between Vince, Mike, and Santino as they try, but fail, to maintain the boundaries between business and family, love and the law.